Boso Peninsula Tourist Information

The Boso Peninsula is close to Tokyo, and within 40 minutes by ferry from the Miura Peninsula, it has excellent access. You can enjoy not only the abundant nature in spectacular spots but also the fresh sea and mountain produce. It is full of such charm that cannot be tasted fully in just one day. The views from the so-called “Jigoku nozoki=hell peep” from the quarry of Mt. Nokogiri and the steep summit of Mt. Iyogatake are spectacular. Although the altitude is low, a mountain walk with a rich variation can be enjoyed. There is no doubt that the exhilaration of cycling on the “Flower Line” where the road continues without traffic lights for a total distance of 31.5km and the “Oyama Senmaida” where the rural scenery is beautiful, will be addictive. On a cycling trip connecting the mountains and the sea, you will discover the hitherto unknown charm of Japan in the Boso Peninsula.



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