Akan・Mashu Tourist Information

Akan Mashū National Park, which starts at Kushiro City and stretches across one city and ten towns, is a treasure trove of the beautiful nature that represents Hokkaido. It has three caldera terrains, Akan, Kussharo, and Mashū, which were created by volcanic activity. The park is dotted with majestic mountains such as Mt. Meakan (1,499 m) and beautiful lakes such as the famed Lake Mashū. Many types of flora and fauna unique to Hokkaido inhabit the park, and there are plenty of outdoor activities to do, such as mountain climbing, canoeing, and camping. Akanko Onsen and Kawayu Onsen are also nearby, so you can relax and heal your fatigue within the park’s magnificent nature. Another characteristic of this area is that there are many historical sites that represent the Ainu culture. There are many restaurants that serve regional cuisine, and facilities that still convey traditional culture, so you can fully enjoy the nature and culture that is unique to Hokkaido.