Revival CAFE

This cafe/restaurant is in an old warehouse that has been renovated. Once scheduled for demolition, the owner bought it and refurbished it himself, being reborn as a restaurant where you can enjoy classic cars along with your meal. The owner and his consultant both enjoy it as a hobby, as all the car-related items in the facility are part of their own personal collections. Word has grown tremendously among classic car enthusiasts, and has thus become somewhat of a community space where enthusiasts proudly ride in with their own cars. They even sell classic cars that are not available on the net. The sandwiches, made with plenty of local Miura vegetables, are very fresh and wonderful. After a hike through the mountains or a drive along the sea, be sure to stop by this restaurant.

Spot Information

Business Hours 11:00~18:30 (Lunch L.O14:00 Dinner L.O18:00)
Regular Holiday Thursday
Tel +81-46-845-6224
Street Address 2650-3, Wada, Hassemachi, Miura-shi, Kanagawa
Web Site
Notes Lunch Menu ¥1,100〜 (sandwiches, spaghetti, curry, etc.)
Drinks ¥410〜 (coffee, tea, soft drinks)
※We also have a dessert menu such as pancakes.

To prevent coronavirus infection, some stores may take measures such as shortening business hours, closing business hours, and temporarily closing equipment. For details, please check the official website or call.

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