This bakery is in Nobi, in Yokosuka. The baked goods sold here are not baked in an electric or wood-burning stove, but are instead baked in a bread oven that is fueled by wood pellets made from waste wood. Even among the same product, it can have a unique finish each time depending on the type of wood that was used. The standard loaf of bread has a thin crust and a chewy texture that is irresistible. All of the sandwich ingredients and spreads are homemade, including the homemade fermented sardines. Depending on the timing and season, you can also eat breads that are made from local Yokosuka and Miura wheat and vegetables.

Spot Information

Business Hours 11:00〜17:00
Regular Holiday Sunday, Monday and Holiday (No regularity)
Tel +81-46-845-9729
Street Address 3-26-35, Nobi, Yokosuka, Kanagawa
Web Site https://piquemarche.com/index.html?fbclid=IwAR3MS_BBTyAjjyROfUXmcOmWTyo7Qqqnbu5K0hipQerh-bYn5bF4VY-CEqo
Notes Bread ¥280
Today's sandwich ¥200

To prevent coronavirus infection, some stores may take measures such as shortening business hours, closing business hours, and temporarily closing equipment. For details, please check the official website or call.

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