This mountain is located in the center of the Miura Peninsula and has an altitude of 183m. While it is a low mountain, the view from the summit is magnificent; the townscape of Yokosuka will extend before you, and you can look upon from Sagami Bay all the way to Tokyo Bay. Furthermore, the mountain trail is linked to the neighboring Hōdaiyama and Takeyama mountains, so you can also enjoy walking along the ridge of these mountain ranges. On the top of the Miura Fuji mountain belt’s peak is the Asama Shrine, and behind stands the rear Asama Shrine with a stone monument inscription. People have had deep faith in Asama Shrine since a long time ago and, fishermen in particular, have claimed that they were able to perceive the fishing grounds and harbour in Miura Fuji and Buzan.

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Street Address 5, Nagasawa, Yokosuka, Kanagawa

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