This is a cafe in front of Hasama Beach in Tateyama. The sky blue building and the large terrace are the landmarks. The shop manager is a big fan of fishing, and there are a lot of lures, reels, and fishing books in the shop. You can catch flatheads and big-fin reef squid well on Hasama Beach, so you may ask the manager to advise you on the fishing points. The highlight of the cafe is "Cutlet-curry". The hearty cutlet goes well with the gentle and nostalgic roux of the urban Western-style restaurants. The cafe has accommodation facilities, and you can rent a room at a reasonable price. It's an ideal spot in the Boso Peninsula where you would want to stop for a break from cycling or on your way home from fishing.

Spot Information

Business Hours 11:00〜18:00
Regular Holiday Monday, Tuesday
Tel +81-470-29-5108
Street Address 37-2, Hasama, Tateyama, Chiba
Web Site
Notes Pork cutlet curry ¥1,000
Coffee ¥300

To prevent coronavirus infection, some stores may take measures such as shortening business hours, closing business hours, and temporarily closing equipment. For details, please check the official website or call.

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