Seichoji Temple

This is a venerable temple located on the end of the Kamogawa National Highway No. 81 "Kiyosumi Yoro Line". This is the place where Nichiren, the founder of the Buddhist Nichiren sect, practiced from the age of 12. The magnificent Niomon Gate, the Main Hall, the 47m-high millennium cedar, and the azaleas behind the Ho-onden are just some of the highlights in the vast precincts. This is also a lodge, and you can stay overnight and perform the temple rituals in the morning or evening with the monk. After enjoying cycling in Boso, why not have a valuable experience of calming your mind and discover yourself?

Spot Information

Business Hours 9:00〜16:30
Regular Holiday Opening all-year-round
Tel +814-7094-0525
Street Address 322-1, Seicho, Kamogawa, Chiba
Web Site
Notes Buddhist cuisine ¥1,650〜
Staying(1 night 2 meals)

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