This mountain is located at the border of Kyonan Machi and Futtsu, and has an altitude of 329.4m. Nokogiri is a famous quarry from the Edo period and the marks left from extracting bōshū ishi have left it looking like the blade of a nokogiri (saw)—hence the name “Nokogiri”. At the top of the summit there is a splendid panoramic view spanning from Tokyo Bay all the way to Izu and Ōshima. You will be in for the perfect thrill once you look down the steep cliff—known as “a peek into hell”. Additionally, at Nihonji, located on the southern side of the peak, you can visit the impacting Hyakushakukannon and the tallest rock-carved Buddha figure in all Japan, Yakushirukōnyorai. Here, you can go hiking and rope climbing, and access to the area is also convenient. If you come to Bōso Peninsula this mountain is definitely the place to go.

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Street Address Motona, Kyonancho, Awa, Chiba

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