This mountain is located in the south of Bōso and has an altitude of 267m. Long ago, on this famous hiking trail a line of brides would travel through here on their way to get married—hence the name “Hanayome Kaidō” (Bride Highway). Mt.Karasuba is one of the viewpoints of this trail, but additionally, you can also look over Mt.Goten, Iyogatake, and many other mountains of south Bōso. One side of Miharashidai is a flat, open ridge making it the ideal spot to sit down and enjoy a mountain picnic. “O-fuku-san” is enshrined at the peak and is said to bless one’s marriage regardless of gender and age. You can also see a 9 meter tall waterfall known as Kurotaki, Japanese Stone Oak, and other vegetation that can only be seen in warm climates. This is a mountain where you can fully indulge in nature during your hike.

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Street Address Emihigashimakado, Kamogawa, Chiba

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