This mountain is located in the south of Bōso and has an altitude of 333m. Because it's close to Mt.Goten it links to the summit and you can enjoy two mountains at the same time. The “Masuma Seven Waterfalls Shrine-Dainichiyama Hiking Course” totals six kilometers and there is a mountain trail from Hieda Shrine all the way to the starting point of Mt.Dainichi. The waterfalls, old cherry blossom trees, and the deep mountain’s nature is a splendid sight. From the summit, you can enjoy gazing upon a wide panorama. In addition, just as the mountain course name implies there are numerous waterfalls, however, the must-see waterfall is Boudaki. Its height measures around 25m and when there is a large volume of water it becomes the most outstanding waterfall in all the prefecture. When it comes to the Bōso Peninsula the ocean tends to be focused on the most, but here you can fully experience the mountain nature.

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Street Address Masuma, Minamiboso, Chiba

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