This mountain is located in the Mineokasankei Prefectural Natural Park in Chiba Prefecture and has an altitude of 364m. It’s located deep within a mountainous area, so you can enjoy immersing yourself in the forest. The viewing platform on the peak is wonderful; facing west is Toyama and Iyogatake; in the north is Takagoyama and Kanōzan; in the East is Tokyo Bay. Also, in the surrounding area camellias and plum trees grow abundantly, and in March pink and yellow blossoms bloom. Dainichiyama is also located close by and because there are many mountain trails, it is ideal for those who plan to trek a trail with multiple peaks and variation. Highly recommended to those who want to enjoy the mountainous nature of Bōso.

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Street Address Miyashita, Minamiboso, Chiba

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