Tana Ume Honten

This is a well-established kamaboko shop founded in 1865. It is known since its establishment for "Nambayaki", a local food that can only be found in the Tanabe area. Over 1,000 fish are processed mostly by hand every day with almost no waste, starting with the removal of the scales, followed by the separation of the meat to be used for Nambayaki and the skin to be used for burdock rolls. Each one is made using the traditional technique. Namba-yaki, which is made from an average of 3-4 fish each, is low in calories and high in protein, which is good for dieting or training. It can be eaten as is while doing other activities, so it is recommended for cycling or hiking.

Spot Information

Business Hours 8:30〜17:30
Regular Holiday January 1st to January 4th
Tel 0739-22-5204
Street Address 39, Fukujicho, Tanabe, Wakayama
Web Site http://www.tanaume.jp/
Notes Namba Yaki / ¥1,260
Burdock roll / ¥900
Fish appetizer / ¥200

*All prices are without tax.

To prevent coronavirus infection, some stores may take measures such as shortening business hours, closing business hours, and temporarily closing equipment. For details, please check the official website or call.

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