Tsuji no Mochi

Its name having been derived from its location facing the corner (tsuji) along the Kumano Kodo, this is a long-established traditional Japanese confectionery store that is loved in the region. The signature menu item, "Okeshi Mochi", has remained unchanged since the end of the Edo period about 170 years ago, is still made by hand in the back of the facility from selected domestic ingredients. It is said that the renowned biologist, Minakata Kumagusu, liked the taste, and the recipe is the same as it was then, although the kneading changes depending on the season or the weather, so it may not be exactly the same as the day before. There are no additives used, so the expiration date is the day it is sold. Be sure to take a stroll around the town of Tanabe, where the castle remains still remain.

Spot Information

Business Hours 8:30~17:00
Regular Holiday Tuesday, January 1st to January 5th
*Holiday changes if regular holiday is a national holiday
Tel 0739-22-1665
Street Address 1, Kitashinmachi, Tanabe, Wakayama
Notes Okeshi mochi / ¥108
Mikasa Manji / ¥216
Red bean rice / ¥400-1,500

To prevent coronavirus infection, some stores may take measures such as shortening business hours, closing business hours, and temporarily closing equipment. For details, please check the official website or call.

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